Raise a Toast with Beer Instead of Champagne

I feel so lucky because at least two or three times a month, I have something to celebrate. A birthday at work, an engagement of a friend, a holiday toast. As people would say, "What better for a toast than a glass of bubbly?!" To which I say, "BEER!" The worst feeling is deciding if you should get three bottles of crappy champagne or one bottle of nice champagne. Well, no more my friends.

A few other great things about subbing out beer for champagne:

  • Less sugar. Guess what, less sugar leads to less of a hangover. So you can celebrate tonight and not regret it tomorrow.

  • Plenty of bubbles. All of these beers are highly carbonated and some of them even come with a cork. I know you don't want to miss out on that cork pop.

  • It's cheap. A top-of-the-line beer is going to run you $9-$20 aka the same price as an ok bottle of champagne.

  • Get your buzz on. If you're looking to party and you're worried beer won't get you there, don't fret! All of these beers have abv comparable to that of champagne.

  • It's out of the ordinary. Most people haven't tried the high-quality, golden, bubbly champagne-like beers that exist out in the world. If you bring along a sparkling beer, not only will everyone enjoy what they're drinking, they'll also get to try something new!

Some of my favorite champagne substitutes: 

  • Duvel (Belgian Golden Strong)
    Beautiful beer with tons of bubbles and widely available. I popped one right after getting engaged.

  • DueS (Brut Des Flanders)
    Yep, it's called "champagne beer" and comes with champagne flutes in some stores, so it's a pretty spot on substitute.

  • Tripel Karmalite (Belgian Tripel)
    A brilliant golden beer with a rocky white head and the scent of a floral bouquet with a few pine cones...TELL ME you don't want to welcome the new year with this?!

  • Saison Brett (Brettanomyces Fermented Saison)
    Are you a little adventurous? This beer has familiar crisp apple and light pear flavors that are accented with Brett's famous "sweat horse blanket" funk.

  • Tank 7 (Farmhouse Saison)
    My favorite "starter beer" for those that confidently proclaim, "I just don't like beer." It is a total crowd pleaser, perfect for a toast. Sweet, highly-carbonated with a dry clean finish...cheers!