Homemade Rx Bars!

So, this is a little off the beaten path here. Making RX Bars doesn't have anything to do with drinking beer, other than the fact that I have to eat RX Bars to stay at a reasonable weight - because I drink so much beer! 

I'm OBSESSED with the Chocolate Coconut RX Bars but at more than $3.00 a pop I had to stop snacking on these before work outs or at work. Or I could figure out my own way to make them. After a couple (like five!) tries, I found a recipe that I love even without the chocolate. 

Before you go shopping! I have to tell you, I got all the ingredients for these bars from Trader Joe's. Living in New York City, Trader Joe's is a regular savior for both my wallet and my travel time, so finding every. single. thing. I needed was really exciting. 

Ok! Now lets get down to making these things!

This all seems really easy because it is! But I have a few tips from my trials perfecting this recipe. 

2017-05-07 15.01.16.jpg

I have a tiny Manhattan kitchen with no room for a food processor, so I just dumped everything in my Vitamix. One thing I learned is that it is much easier to use a blender if you make a double batch! With a single batch I was scraping the bottom with a spatula constantly.

Look at all that bar trapped under the blender blades! 😱

Look at all that bar trapped under the blender blades! 😱

I also learned that you can cut the sheet of bars into individual bars right through the plastic! This also help keep the bars from sticking together while they are being stored, and keeps your hands clean. All good things people, all good things! 

2017-05-07 15.21.42.jpg

Beer Pairing! 

What, since it's a healthy-ish snack recipe you don't get a beer pairing? Heck no! 

I recently discovered the Ultimate Light from Omission Brewing and was SO EXCITED. These beers are gluten free, but even better just 99 calories. You can literally drink a six-pack for less calories than a frappauccino. (Omg frappuccinos are so many calories??!) 

This beer is nice and light, with some soft carbonation on the pallet and a nice grain backbone. (I wrote all about if for October.) 

So it pairs nicely with an active day and a gluten free, dairy free, protein packed snack bar!