What is a Stange Glass? (And Why Do I Care??)

These are some field notes from Advanced Cicerone study sessions.

What is a Stange Glass?

The answer to this question is pretty easy, a stange glass is the traditional serving-ware of a kölsch.

But let’s get more difficult ~why is a stange glass?~

That my beery friends is far less clear.

This tall, thin, perfectly cylindrical glass can be traced back to Cologne, where they are served out of a kranz tray like the one below. A traditional stange only holds about 6oz of beer so a group could drink several stange-fuls out of a kranz.


The light carbonation of the kölsch style benefits from the smaller serving size. It is unlikely that the beer will be completely warm and flat by the time you finish 6oz. In a busy bar, it is also unlikely that your server will want to refill your 6oz glass every few minutes. Today, stange glasses are made in 12-13oz sizes so your bartender doesn’t need to constantly top you off.

Similar other tall, thin glasses, like a weizen vase or a pilsner glass, a stange is helpful for head retention and shows of the brilliant clarity of the kölsch.

Is there other glassware that you are curious about?! Let me know @beerswithmandy so I can tell you a little more over the next 95 days!